In every house there is a corner, where we sit and think and wander to unknown worlds and meet characters and authors and get immersed in their chronicles. Then there come bees looking for new beehives and all pandemonium break loose in the virtual world. So, amidst all this ballyhoo and chaos how does one […]

Book Review

Book: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter Author: Kim Edwards   My Musings There are many reasons to why we read books and it can either transport us to a new world or leave us stranded in our own house and reading ‘The Memory Keeper’s daughter’ was like an escape to Mars with words so captivating and […]

Jakarta Diaries

Join as naval personal’s spouse and see the world. This statement itself can provoke many false fallacies for the changing paradigm of the urban society. Well I am not selling navy nor making any false promises but just moving with the flow and enjoying the swell in the java island. The first time I got […]

‘All because of Scrabble’

The daytime bustle finally vanquished, wrapped in rustling carbon paper and the sea looked beautiful amidst the silence. Still few men were seen in the course adjusting their stance and aiming to hit the next hole. It looks like the hole refuses to change its shape or size with time. Everything fits together, art and […]

‘The Strange Library’ — Site Title

The first time when I came across this book, I had this strange expression on my face for this book has a surreal illustration which keeps your mind churning throughout the reading episode. I must kudos the author for making the read so enticing and alive. It starts with the young narrators visit to a […] […]

Literature Saved My Life Too!

There is only one valid theme in literature  – ‘ life will disappoint you.’ If you’re a newcomer to this event, you might be wondering what in the world it’s all about. Well, its not about politics, its not about wars, its not about the constipated economy,  its not about the natural calamity’s but about […]